• We offer a host of services to members including expert logistical, marketing and finance support.
  • Access to the industries leading brands servicing dealers equally regardless of volume. Link to Brand Page
  • Ordering product from ADC could not be any easier. No longer do you have to go to various vendor portals. You can order all brands in one system and receive a mixed truck of brands on your next scheduled delivery date.
  • ADC’s fleet of over 30 trucks provides trucking services with daily delivery direct to store.
  • Order by 7:00 P.M. and receive next day delivery.
  • Same day ordering and pick up service is available.


The P.O.S. system from HomeSource and ADC offers you a fully integrated Point of Sale System like never seen before in the Appliance Industry. This means taking the guesswork out of your day and using data to inform your decisions.

HomeSource has spent time developing a system that considers what appliance dealers need in a point of sale system. With features thoughtfully designed to make your life easier, Point of Sale from HomeSource and ADC is perfect for any size appliance business looking for that edge.

We mean it when we say fully integrated; this means full integration with your website, buying group, and digital ads. This level of integration gives you more control of your business, so you know what to order when and also where to push certain products.

This is a powerful tool for any business, and with more features constantly being added, don’t miss your chance to take advantage today!


R.P.S. with ADC and HomeSource provides the back-of-house software essential for any business. Get accurate product information with up-to-date pricing, stock, and rebates all in one convenient location.

R.P.S. is a true database management system that allows you to pull countless data points together automatically. Get live updates on pricing info from the big box stores to enable you to sell your products where you want in real-time, and with digital price tags, have your tags update right away, so your customers see the right price when they are looking.

R.P.S. offers intuitive user portals that make it easy for your business to update any piece of information within moments.

R.P.S. is here to make life easier for you and your customers; contact us now to learn more!


Fleet tracking with ADC is designed to give your customers that extra bit of information to make the shipping process that much easier. By offering dealers live updates on delivery, their customers will become more informed on their product and when it will get there.

Also, give your customers live updates by text to know when their product is there. No more missing your customers; Fleet tracking makes the delivery process precise, so you can focus on other aspects of your business that need attention


Websites with ADC and HomeSource offer a combination of functionality and industry-leading design for a great price. Your website is sometimes the first impression you make on your customers, so it’s essential you have a professional clean look, and the experts at HomeSource can make sure your website does that.

Set up your website how you want it, want a full cart? Or just want a quote cart? No matter what you want, ADC and HomeSource give you the option to have a website that works around your business and not the other way around.

Dealers have seen more traffic immanently to their websites after making the switch, and with a support team that will be there to answer your requests, HomeSource and ADC give its dealers a step up on the competition. Contact us now to learn more


Digital Advertising is made easy with ADC. Our dealers each receive marketing dollars that the experts at HomeSource put to work. Hitting different platforms like Google, Facebook, and more, ADC dealers feel firsthand the results from digital marketing with ADC.

Your dollars get used to gain more eyes on your business. Our dealer’s social presence continues to grow as ADC has made a bigger commitment to attack digital. This commitment is something ADC is proud of and will continue to grow and adapt when need is for our dealers.

ADC also offers all its dealers digital assets made for your store. Next time you need your logo, you know exactly where it is. Also, each of our dealers gets promo period promotional assets—this includes everything from display ads to custom videos with your logo. ADC members get a complete catalog for the major promotional periods of the year.


Maintaining your business’s online reputation is critical for any successful business in the 21 century. That’s why we at ADC made it a priority to give its dealers access to Local Listing. This gives each of our dealers access to over 100 different platforms to help with your reputation management.

Whether it’s answering positive comments on Facebook or looking up your recent Yelp reviews, Local listing is a tool all our dealers should take advantage of when running their business. If you have any questions, please reach out, and we will get you started!


Social Media has proven to be a valuable tool for all businesses over the past few years. It has become a clear channel to keep in touch with customers and help keep your business top of mind in your local community.

Digital Unity with ADC and HomeSource gives you an opportunity to populate your social media pages with brand-approved content with adding more work to your day. All you need to do is set up your Digital Unity profile with someone at HomeSource; once that is done, your posts will start going out. You can choose auto accept or you can approve the posts yourself, whatever works best for your business.

The content is spread across various brands in the industry from different price points. Digital Unity gives your page a chance to push the brands you sell without adding more work to your day, from the basics like GE, Maytag, and LG to the more high-end brands like Wolf, Monogram, and others. Contact us now to learn more!


ERP with ADC makes it easier than ever to run your business successfully. Look up inventory instantly, so you know when to order what you need. We also take great pride in our user-friendly order system so getting your new stock has never been easier. We designed ERP with the dealer in mind and wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to get your daily business done.


Financing options are available! We now offer member purchase financing options from Wells Fargo, TCF Inventory Finance and many more. Special consumer financing and credit card rates to make transactions with customers as simple as possible, while also being as affordable as possible. ADC is trusted with many services to ensure your business succeeds in customer satisfaction and creating an easy, stress-free environment for your potential customer.


Traveling around the Country to promote brand new products and product lines, share brand new information, and keep your business in touch and up-to-date. Many traveling Trade shows are available to take part in throughout the year, check which events work best for you based on when and where they take place to see the latest and greatest the industry has to offer. Perfect for getting your business’ name out there, communicating directly with people who help your business grow, and network with people you may otherwise not be able to get in contact with.